This area is the details of the ESP8266 Pond control system


Implimented so far:

Thingspeak IoT

Posting to MySQL database via PHP Post

OAT updates

Time aquisition (not from NTP, which breaks OTA) but from php page on my SYNOLOGY NAS (which is Timesync'd to Time.google.com ) The PHP Page has a script which generates the current time from the webserver and the ESP uses a GET. It is phrased on the ESP and used hourly to sett/correct the internal clock.

Web control Interface



NODEMCU V3 ESP8266 12E  
20x4 LCD Screen (I2C)  
4 Channel Relay board  
3x Water level sensors  
A to D (I2C) Converter Module PCF8591  
2x DS18B20 Waterproof Digital Sensor (OneWire)  

1 BMP280 Digital Air Pressure Barometer I2C

BrightWater LED  











Live Web interface